You mean a higher score ISN’T better?!

Interesting timing to have started this blog because I happened to have an annual exam scheduled for today.  Business as usual except for one little thing – my blood pressure is a bit higher than what is desirable.  Now, rather than blame the high blood pressure on all of the stress I’m taking on by trying to eat healthy (!!!), I suppose I could attribute it to my severe lack of exercise and extremely poor diet.  I’m kidding about the healthy eating stress, obvi.

Though it’s not extremely high, I do measure in the “prehypertension” category, which to me says “this is your warning bimbo, start living healthier!”  The nurse even said she wouldn’t be concerned with the numbers for some people, but given my weight and age I shouldn’t be at that level.

Cause for further concern – my biological father died after a massive heart attack at age 51.  So am I little worried?  Hellz yes I am!  I suppose I fear I’m following in his footsteps – cravings for fatty, salty foods and a skinny frame that masks any health concerns.

This week has presented challenges when it comes to making food choices, but I’m fairly certain I’ve made the right decision to stick with it to the best of my abilities.  Still haven’t taken a ride on the exercise train, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here 😉

What has happened in your life to push you to change your ways?  Would love to hear your stories!


2 thoughts on “You mean a higher score ISN’T better?!

  1. Emily

    You should do a grocery haul where you take a picture of all of the food that you bought and list it all below including why you bought it and what you plan to do with it. PS this is yo sista 🙂

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