Healthy Surprise – July Shipment!

I get realllly excited knowing that my Healthy Surprise box is coming, so much so that I find myself anxiously updating the tracking information multiple times a day just to see where it is!  In my three months of receiving the service I’ve only had a few repeat items, which makes each shipment uniquely exciting.  And since I am a bona fide snackaholic, this service remains a perfect way for me to get my fix without giving into junk food!  Take a look at this month’s haul:

Contents included:

Sunbiotics Almonds in Truffle and Cheesy – These nuts rock!  They’re probably the crispiest almonds I’ve ever had, and they boast some fine benefits – (from their website) “Our Probiotics are Dairy Free, no soy, non-GMO, no wheat, no eggs, no yeast, no sugar, no corn, no carriers, no artificial flavors or preservatives…”  Yes sir, I will have another!

Sea’s Gift Roasted Seaweed – it’s seaweed people….get past that and we can talk.  These are flaky sheets of thin seaweed that are roasted and salted.  Not my favorite, but an ethnically exciting experiment.  All natural, no MSG, no sugar.  Vegan and gluten free.

Bare Fruit, bake dried pears – I love dried fruit, and these are no different.  Bare Fruit always pleases with their freish fruit treats.  These are slightly different than the cinnamon apples listed below because they’re not “chip” style, they’re more like chewy slices of dehydrated pear.  Love them!  Best part….Ingredients: organic pears.  Keepin’ it simple!

That’s It fruit bars – their name says it all….each bar contains only fruit, that’s it!  These are good….they’re true to the fruit, and each one contains multiple servings of fruit.  Gluten free, kosher, vegan.

Alive and Radiant Kale Crunch in Quite Cheesy – when they say cheesy, what they really mean is nutritional yeasty. I had read about nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute and even bought a jar….but as a cheese lover, I’m unconvinced that nutritional yeast tastes like the real thing. That said, this kale crunch is light, airy, and crispy, but the nutritional yeast adds more of a salty lactic taste than cheesy.  Raw, gluten free, and vegan.

Go Raw bars in Spirulina Energy and Live Granola – I had the Spirulina bar last month, it’s palatable, but I’m excited to try the Live Granola bar! Before you start thinking of a new R.L. Stein Goosebumps book, these bars are “live” because they are dried under 105 degrees.  They’re raw, certified organic, wheat/gluten free, nut free, and GMO free.

Blue Diamond Almonds – your standard almonds.

Bare Fruit, cinnamon apple chips – I love these….they really capture the sweet goodness of delicious ripe apples, with a hint of cinnamon!  Gluten free and no added sugar….ingredients: organic apples, organic cinnamon.

Home Free chocolate chip cookies – I enjoyed my last Home Free cookies, but haven’t dipped into these yet.  I will wait for my 3 pm sweet tooth one of these days!  They’re gluten free, whole wheat, and made with a pretty clean ingredient list.

Rise Bar in blueberry coconut – I admit to a total brain fart….I must have eaten this bar because the wrapper remains in my box, but I don’t remember doing so!  I know that I must have liked it because I would have definitely remembered disliking it……right? :-/  It’s made with superfruit and nuts and if full of fiber (12% of your DV) and antioxidants.  Free of GMO’s, gluten free, and vegan.

That’s it for my July box!  Tune in next month for another exciting Healthy Surprise shipment, and visit their website for more information on how to get yours!


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