August’s Healthy Surprise Shipment (I’m tardy in posting!)

August’s Healthy Surprise shipment was a surprise indeed because they got a new box!  I love the new box, not only for all of the delicious goodies it holds ever-so efficiently, but it tells me to be awesome, to finish what I started, and smile (among other inspirational quips).  Who doesn’t need a good bit of inspiration when they reach for a snack?

Plenty of new treats this month, let’s break it down:

Cocomocorn – healthy (really) caramel corn – this product is heavenly!  Doesn’t sacrifice tastiness for health; it’s organic, low-glycemic, and gluten free.  Minimal ingredients include – organic air popped corn, organic coconut nectar, organic coconut sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt, organic vanilla extract, and baking soda.  If sugar (in any form) is not a part of your diet, then stay away….if it is, then I wholeheartedly recommend this product as a sweet treat.

Livin’ Spoonful, Pizza – gluten free, vegan, raw, sprouted crackers.  Love everything this product is trying to do, but a slight miss on taste.  It’s just too much pizza flavor…..a little overwhelming on what could be a nicely flavored pizza cracker snacker.

Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps in Peach and Asian Pear – love love love these!  It’s freeze dried fruit, which you may have noticed my affinity for….these are like eating the real fruit, except you can easily eat them at your desk or on the go, in moments when you don’t want to deal with cutting the fruit or getting your fingers all sticky.  I mean, real fruit is not exactly the biggest hassle, but Brothers-All-Natural makes it even easier to get some fruit into your system.  I love freeze dried fruit more than dehydrated fruit because it’s light and crispy, dehydrated fruit can be a little tough.  No additives or preservatives, just the fruit!  Did I mention I love these?

Bumble Bar in “amazing almond” – these are organic sesame bars with some extra added seeds and nuts.  I love the flavor, but as mentioned in a previous post, it’s a bit like eating really tasty birdseed.  If you can get past that, you’ll like this bar!

Rise Energy Bar in Raspberry Pomegranate – nice little morning-on-the-go bar.  Free of GMO’s (love that), preservatives, dairy, soy, and peanuts.  Also gluten free, and a great source of fiber (5g!).  The bar contains dates, almonds, coconut, apples, brown rice syrup, tapioca syrup, amaranth, raspberries, pomegranate, and sea salt – all organic.  A warning, this bar has 25% of the daily recommended value of sat fat.

Kaletaliano – raw vegan pizza-flavored kale chips, made with certified organic ingredients.  I want to love kale, but I simply do not.  As mentioned with the pizza crackers above, there’s just too much intense pizza flavor in this particular product.  It’s like they’re trying to mask the kale flavor with pizza flavor, and it’s flavor overload.  Too much for my taste buds to take.

Mrs. Mays White Sesame Strips – in Pom Blueberry – I love Mrs. Mays’ products, they have a great selection of nut and dried fruit clusters at the supermarket.  These are vegan, GMO sesame crackers with real fruit added….the packaging doesn’t list ingredients, so I can’t tell if that’s all there is in these crackers?

Rawvolution Apple Raisin Cookies – soy-free, gluten free, dairy-free, raw, and vegan.  Made with organic, pesticide free almonds, apples, raisins, raw coconut nectar, and cinnamon.  Everything about these cookies are good….although they don’t really look like cookies, more like circular date bars.

Olomomo Nut Co, Chai Bliss Almonds – “subtle, sweet, vanilla blossom floating on an aromatic cardamom journey”….I love almonds, and I especially love flavored almonds.  These are exactly as described – subtly sweet, and flavorful.  They’re all natural, vegan, no added oils, and no gluten.  Ingredients are almonds, organic sugar, organic cardamom, organic vanilla, and love.  Again, if you’re not eating sugar, stay away….but if you are, these are a delicious, portable treat!

Still loving my Healthy Surprise boxes!  Have you come across any new tasty products lately?


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