September’s Healthy Surprise Shipment!

I apologize for two similar posts in a row, but I wanted to get my snack boxes posted and I’ve had sooo little time to do anything!  I miss my kitchen and cooking most of all in this very busy time in life, but I know I’ll be back at it soon….as soon as school settles down a bit and we get through my sister’s wedding festivities.  So excited for her big day, BTW!

The September Healthy Surprise box felt more full, but still 10 items, right on par with the others.  Here’s the breakdown of goodness:

Pitaya Plus – all natural, antioxidant, super juice!  Such a fun surprise to have a drink in the box this month!  I immediately put it in the fridge and drank it as soon as it chilled.  The flavor is a little thinner than I anticipated, but as someone who never drinks juice (can’t trust the store brands, and my juicer is a pain), I loved having an easy option to reach for.  Pitaya Plus says their juices have 50-70% less sugar than any other natural fruit juices on the market today, and they say it’s a good cleanse for your digestive tract (though not a meal replacement).  Pitaya is a fruit, BTW – also known as dragon fruit, it’s part of the cactus family, and found all over the world.

Mini Lara Bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – this is only my second Lara Bar ever, and it was so much better than the first one I had.  This is flavorful, without being overwhelming, and it’s lighter and airier than most dense bars on the market.  Lara Bars are great because they’re limited ingredient and non-GMO.  This bar has cashews, dates, chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla), and salt.

Mini Lara Bar in Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte – I haven’t tried this one yet, and I’ve mostly been avoiding it because I don’t tend to like cherries in my products.  It contains roughly the same ingredients as the cookie dough bar, with the addition of almonds and unsweetened cherries.

Bare Fruit Snacks, crunchy apple cinnamon chips – I typically love dried fruit chips, but these were not the crispiest I’ve had, and also had a few seeds and the rind from the middle of the apple, making them pretty chewy to get through.  The flavor was good, however, and the whole bag is less than 90 calories….although no sugar is added, the dietary label notes 21g of sugar – it’s natural fruit sugar, but still sugar intake if you’re avoiding.

Alive and Radiant Kale Krunch in Southwest Ranch – three times I’ve received flavored kale, and this is the first one I can stomach.  My biggest complaint thus far has been the flavor bomb that companies use to give the kale a kick….it’s too much.  Alive and Radiant achieves their flavor a tad more demurely, and thus, a success in my book.  Everything is certified organic by CCOF, which I love because I know they have a pretty stringent organic certification program.

Home Free mini vanilla cookies (2 packs) – these are great.  I never missed cookies until I stopped eating them, and now it’s great to be able to grab a pack of these little treats when I get a craving.  The cookies are certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, whole grain, and made with organic fruit juice and cane juice.  If you’re gonna have a cookie, might as well reach for something much better than Keebler 😉

That’s It bar in apple-apricot – Love these….literally the only ingredient is 1 apple and 3 apricots.  100 calories, 3g of fiber, no fat, gluten free, kosher, and vegan.  Such a simple treat!

Skinny Crisps in Brownie – oh hellz yes!  Skinny Crisps are a reminder that healthy snacking doesn’t have to compromise taste!  These are gourmet brownie crisps that are gluten free, low carb, vegan, casein free, and contain no hydrogenated oils.  The sprinkles (yes, sprinkles) are a little more lenient on ingredient healthiness (chocolate liquer, soy lecithin, confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, vanilla)…but the sprinkles are sparse, so I shall accept.

Thunderbird Energetica, cashew fig carrot bar – wow, this bar is doing everything right, all the way down to the compostable wrapper!  raw, pure ingredients include dates, cashews, figs, carrots, nutmeg, vanilla, and pink Bolivian rose salt – all organic.  The bar is soy-free, gluten free, raw, no added sugars, non-GMO, and shaman blessed – how about that? Haven’t tried it yet, but feels squishy through the wrapper!

I’ll try to post all of the websites for these tasty treats when I get a moment also!  I know Healthy Surprise chooses each of their snack providers because of their responsible and sustainable production, and great taste…so I encourage you to look into any of the above products for more information as well!


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