“Fat Chance” book + Moving my feet

Fat ChanceI’ve been listening to this book on tape called “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease” by Robert H. Lustig, M.D.  It’s a scientifically backed presentation on the effect of poor food on our health, the causes and misconceptions of obesity (“a calorie is NOT a calorie“), and I haven’t yet gotten to the part where he talks about specific steps we should take to improve our health but I just KNOW it’s coming!

Anywho, one startling section went through the science of fat….the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, specifically, and their effect on metabolic syndrome.  Talk about an eye opener!  I have always thought that visible fat = unhealthy….but it turns out visceral fat (especially in the abdominal region) will pack around your organs and doesn’t necessarily present itself in a noticeable way.  You can’t measure that on a scale.  I have joked that I’m probably a skinny obese person because I’ve eaten so bad for 30 years and I never gain weight….but this pretty much confirmed it for me, and it’s really not very funny.  Don’t I feel like a horse’s patoot.

Clean eating is one thing, and it’s a great first step, but it’s not the only thing required to be healthy….I gotta get my butt in shape!  Literally and figuratively.  I’m too smart to be this stupid about my physical health.

“A recent study out of Taiwan looking at the death rate of over 400,000 subjects suggests that moderate intensity exercise for 15 minutes a day could increase lifespan by as much as 3 years, even in patients with known heart disease.  And they didn’t control for diet.  If they had, they would have seen an even greater effect of exercise on longevity.  Given that 15 minutes a day accounts for only 91 waking hours a year, or 273 hours in 3 years, a 3 year life extension for 273 hours of exercise performed is a pretty darn good trade….or a 64,000% return on investment.”

I have run for about 12 minutes 3 times this week (baby steps people, I’m working up to 15 minutes)….it’s a start, but I know consistency is key.  And I’m in SO much pain….talk about a shock to the muscles!

So there you have it….confessions of a hesitantly healthy gal.  Hmpf.


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