Random Thoughts on Running

Holla! I have been quite remiss in my duties as “blogger” lately.  Forgive me.  School has been both a nightmare and an absolute joy….I am a complete nerd about school, and this semester has been very fruitful! I sometimes wish I had a personal assistant who could just ride along in my car and take notes about cool things I want to blog about, I have the best ideas on my commute.  I tried to get Luda to help, but that whole no opposable thumbs thing is holding him back…he’s also the laziest employee ever.

I am excited to report that my plan to run has been a *relative* success.  In March, I ran over 10 miles….April was kind of a failure with about 3 miles (I could have done better)….and in May I’ve logged 4 miles so far.  Now that school is nearly done for the semester, my running consistency will get better. It HAS to…3 miles in April makes me sad.

Given my sub-par performance you might not want to take running advice from me, but I’m going to list some things that have helped me anyway.  Here goes:

  • Plan for it – make an appointment for “you” time so you can’t let life get in the way…because it will.  Literally, right down what day and time you’re going to run.
  • Set a goal – this helped me a lot, in March especially, since I registered for a 5K (and again now in May). When you have something specific you’re working towards it makes all the effort much more focused.
  • Bring your clothes to work – do you find it hard to get back out of the house once you get home from work? I do. If I change into running clothes at work I can literally step out of my car when I get home and start running.
  • Get new gear – this is simple…it’s fun to shop. Check out these new kicks! 😉
  • Find some buddies to run with – even if it’s not for your every day runs, it’s fun to have a group of peeps to plan running events with….and it keeps you accountable for your training because you don’t want to be the lagger everyone is waiting on at the finish line (been there, done that).


That’s all I have for now, but serious runners, what other tips do you have??


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