Goat Cheese Pizza Snackers

Goat Cheese Pizza SnackersWhen access to cooking appliances isn’t avail, I have to start getting creative.  Carrots and hummus can only be eaten so much before your taste buds start bullying you around to come up with something different.  In talking with a friend about Ak-Mak crackers recently I discovered my love of them is not unfounded, as she shares the passion.  I truly believe they are the best healthy cracker option on the market – they are 100% whole grain organic wheat and so tasty!Ak-Mak crackersHow do I love thee, Ak-Mak’s?  Let me count the ways:  I love you with cheese, peanut butter, avocado, hummus, jam, sliced meat, cream cheese, tuna salad, and finally – with goat cheese and pizza sauce!  Enter my favorite new snack:

Goat Cheese Pizza Snackers

1 slab of Ak-Mak crackers (they come in slabs of 4 perforated crackers)
1/4 cup of your favorite clean marinara
1 oz. pack of goat cheese (Trader Joe’s sells these medallions, it’s the perfect amount for this snack!)

Directions:  Spread some goat cheese on the crackers, then spoon some marinara on top.  Enjoy!

Goat Cheese Pizza Snackers1

What’s your favorite no-bake snack?


4 thoughts on “Goat Cheese Pizza Snackers

      1. Christy G.

        Curious how much you pay for them at Trader Joe’s? Amazon is selling 4.15-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) for $23.32 or $22.15 w/Subscribe & Save. Sounded like a good deal, but wanted to see if it really is. 🙂 We have a Trader Joe’s close by too. I also follow 100 Days of Real Food. 🙂 Thanks!!

        1. Jessica

          Hi Christy, my apologies for the delay, I just came across your comment randomly and must have missed the initial alert! TJ’s is currently pricing Ak-Mak’s at $1.29/box, so it sounds like they may be cheapest if I understood your pricing correctly.


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