Summer time and the living’s easy…

Hi!  Remember me?  Former blogger, consummate enjoyer of food, frequent flyer, bad joke teller?  Summer was a whirlwind, filled with fun trips, good food, tasty wines, and great friends.  I wish I could say I’d like to do it all over again, but the memories will have to suffice because I’m exhausted.  To recap, here are some of my favorite moments…


A day at the ol’ ballpark….the Angel’s didn’t win, but we celebrated with enough adult beverages to drown our sorrows.

Angel Game

A beautiful wedding in San Clemente.

San Clemente Wedding

An awesome trip to Paso Robles, filled with too much fun and plenty o’ wine.



The 4th of July – spent in Manhattan Beach.  Made me feel like I was straight out of college again, walking the boardwalk and jumping from house party to house party.

4th of July

A beach weekend in San Clemente….long days on the sand, long nights singing karaoke (that happened).

San Clemente

Bacon and Barrels festival in Los Olivos – unlimited gourmet pork creations paired with unlimited wine, beer, and spirits.  Despite the irony, I fulfilled my dream of holding a baby pig!

Bacon and Barrels

Weekend in Palm Springs with some of my favorite gals from the MBA program!  It’s nice to relax and refresh, and moan about how fast the summer is going.

Palm Springs


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the Hollywood Bowl!  I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of Edward Sharpe until I saw them live…the amazingness that IS the Hollywood Bowl may have had something to do with swaying my opinion, but they put on a heckuva show!

Edward Sharpe

Wisconsin vacation to visit my maternal kin….filled with love, laughs….and cows.  I loooove going “home” to visit family, their hugs are unmatched and every time we’re together it feels like we haven’t skipped a beat.


Chicago sightseeing finished off our Midwest trip.  We finally got to try some real Chicago deep-dish!  Lou Malnati’s or Gino’s?  That is the question.  We only tried Gino’s and we liked it…it had kind of a thick, sturdy cornmeal crust, with a rich tomato sauce and peps spread throughout.  It’s a fork and knife dish, for sure.  We also visited Navy Pier, Millennium Park (and The Bean!), and White Castle (no trip would be complete…)


Three days after Chicago I was off to San Francisco for a quick day of sightseeing before heading to Napa.  America’s Cup was going on, so we toured the pier area mainly.  We found this awesome pop-up restaurant called Waiheke Island Yacht Club built into Pier 29, right next to the America’s Cup Village.  While we found the food at the bar a bit pretentious, the overall design was bright, clean, and overall beautiful.

San Fran

A beautiful vineyard wedding then pulled us to Napa for the weekend, but not before some wine tasting!  If you’re visiting Napa, please take my recommendation and visit:  Signorello Estate for their amazing views and delicious wines – try the Seta (Italian for “silk”), it’s heavenly!  Robert Biale Vineyards for their specialty – Zinfandel – and boy is it a specialty!  Get the story of the Black Chicken from the great hosts and buy a few bottles to take home.  Fontanella Family Winery – no trip to Napa would be complete without visiting our winemaker’s state of the art winemaking facility on top of Mt. Veeder.  It’s no surprise I love the products and people involved with Fontanella, but they have an awesome new food pairing!  They are taking things up a notch, and it’s awesome.

It should be noted that we're really good at weddings.

What better way to end a wonderful weekend in northern CA than by getting together for your annual fantasy football draft!?  That’s right, football is back, and the fantasy competition is hot this year.  Competitive might be an understatement for this league, but we certainly have fun. 2013-08-19 12.53.551231580_10153135429010207_787001255_n

An 80’s prom in Hollywood to celebrate a very special 30th birthday.

Renee's 30th


Vegas baby!


The OC Brewhaha – “Orange County’s Premier Craft Beer Festival” – they also had delicious food trucks AND we were treated to a live performance from Reel Big Fish!  I loved them in high school and their music still makes me want to jump around….beer + jumpy music = mind blown.

OC Brew haha

Last weekend was the first time I got some downtime in months and we. did. nothing.  Except for homework – lots of homework.  I can’t say I’ve eaten healthy this summer, and given the prevalence of events focused around adult beverages, I haven’t been very kind to my body, in general.  That said, when I am cooking I always try to prepare healthy meals (gotta maintain some control, after all), and I’ll have some quick and easy recipes coming your way in the coming days.

How did everyone else enjoy their summer?  Would you agree that it flew by?


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