Oh Kale Yea! Chopped Cranberry Poppyseed Kale Salad

Yummy-Kale-SaladI hate the taste of kale….my single exception has been to use it ground up in a smoothie with enough fruit to hide the earthy flavor.  Yet, I can’t seem to escape it since the health benefits are cray cray and my CSA keeps jamming it down my throat (figuratively speaking, of course).

Enter this delicious chopped kale salad.  It’s quick and easy, and completely approachable for anyone with an aversion to dirt lettuce kale.  The trick, and this is ESSENTIAL, is to chop the kale finely – I pulsed it in my food processor to achieve this, but I’m sure a quick chop chop with a good knife would help you achieve the same.

Dehydrated cranberries add a sweetness that cuts at the bitterness of these leafy greens.  Pine nuts add a great crunch and nuttiness.  And the poppyseed dressing is creamy, but spreads out into a light and sweet topping when mixed with the other ingredients.

Nothing fancy with the recipe here, I used the poppyseed recipe from Pinch of Yum and made no changes, please visit their site for detailed instructions.

Healthy eating, new kale lovers!



2 thoughts on “Oh Kale Yea! Chopped Cranberry Poppyseed Kale Salad

  1. Donna Geisinger

    I am sitting here eating your Kale Salad for the first time. I also dislike Kale but I am getting tired of my same old salads so I thought I would give this one a try since it looked so easy with few ingredients. I didn’t make the dressing but instead used “Annie’s Lite Poppy Seed Dressing” with only 70 calories per 2 tbls. Surprisingly I like this salad! I chopped it up in my food processor just as you recommended and agree the Kale doesn’t have a bitter taste at all and is quite delicious. I am having to get used to the texture of the Kale though, pretty tough compared to the other lettuces I’m used to eating. I did think it could use one more ingredient for additional flavor so I threw in some apple slices and this made it yummier! This will become a regular in my meals now because it is so healthy, quick and easy to prepare. Thank you!

    1. Jessica Stock Post author

      Donna, I’m so glad you were able to enjoy the kale a little more after chopping, it really does help! I’ll have to get creative and toss in some apples next time too, that sounds like a great addition 🙂


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