I Like to Move it Move it – ways to keep moving all day!

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health (if not, see HEREHERE, and HERE for a few examples).  But for many, there’s no escaping a desk, and the call of the couch is strong at the end of the day. I speak from experience.  With health risks ranging from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer to muscle atrophy, loss of bone mass, and weight gain, I feel like doing a couple leg lifts every hour is pretty justified, no?  Sitting is just plain unhealthy, here are some tips for keeping things in motion.

Use a standing work station

There are so many standing desk options available just by doing a quick internet search.  All the cool kids are doing it!


Listen to upbeat music that keeps your brain and body going

Need some inspo? Spotify has an auto-populated station called “Mood Booster” – start there, and even if it’s not tickling your fancy they have hundreds of stations to choose from.


Walk or bike, if possible

I mean we all can’t look as carefree and tanned as the group in this gif, but #goals. Amirite?


Change jobs

If you’re job offers low pay and/or uninteresting work then the environment will inherently breed inactivity, consider a change in career.


Create opportunities for movement

Take the stairs, walk to talk with a co-worker instead of emailing, march in place for 20 seconds, etc.  Inactivity is the enemy – literally.  “We know that as soon as somebody gets out of their chair, their blood sugar improves, their blood cholesterol and triglycerides improve, and that’s very consistent. Every time you get up it gets better. Every time you sit down it gets worse.” (source)


Park further than you need to from your destination

In college I mastered the art of stalking people via car to get their parking spot, but in adulthood ain’t nobody got time for that.  Now I get judgy eyes when people wait at the front of a parking aisle, keep it moving for pete’s sake.


Set a movement alarm

When the alarm goes off (each hour, if possible), get up and walk or complete a mini-workout – jumping jacks, march in place, squats, toe touches, lunges, push ups, crunches.  Even better if you’re in an office and can get others involved!


 What other tips for keeping your bod in motion during the day?

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