Romanesco Cauliflower: A Fractal Vegetable

Romanesco Cauliflower

Can a vegetable that looks like a stegosaurus actually be good?  Yes!

While it looks a bit more like cauliflower with its form, romanesco cauliflower actually tastes more similar to broccoli to me (at least when steamed).  Nutritionally, romanesco cauliflower (RC) is rich in vitamins C and K, dietary fiber, and cartenoids (effective at fighting some cancers).

Nerds…meet nutrition.  RC is the only vegetable that is fractal!  Fractals are never ending patterns where the replication is the same at every scale.  This makes them awesome in my book…and a great conversation piece at dinner.

To Prepare:  Wash by soaking upside down in a bowl of water to remove dirt.  Cut out the center to allow the florets to separate from the stem.  You can then cook RC in a variety of ways (similar to how you would prepare traditional cauliflower) – steamed, in baked dishes, in stir fries, or tossed as a sort of side dish as Lollipopsicle has done.

Care and Storage:  Store in a sealed bag/container in the refrigerator.


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