A Declaration of Love for La Croix Sparkling Water

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(This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by La Croix Sparkling Water, I just like it)

When I was in college, I studied abroad in Paris.  Of all the wonderful things that journey and the city opened my young eyes to, the only negative thing that stands out is the pervasiveness of sparkling water.  Yes, sparkling water.

I hated it.  And most dreadfully, I often either 1.) got served sparkling water in restaurants, or 2.) erroneously purchased it in the market when I thought I was buying still water.  Call it carelessness or lost in translation, but I can’t tell you how many times I went to take a refreshing drag off my newly purchased bottle of water only to gag at the unwelcome carbonation infiltrating my palate.

In my early years, I saw sparkling water as a mistake in the production line.  Do you want to be soda or water?  You’re not succeeding at either.

This mindset persisted an additional 10 years until (in desperate thirst) I took a sip of my mom’s La Croix Sparkling Water.  By gosh, I actually liked it!  A lot…


My trunk after a typical supermarket visit

AND it turns out it’s pretty darn great for you.  I mean, if you’re going to hydrate with sparkling flavored water, La Croix is just about the best option on the market.


Photo Cred: La Croix

Not only do they tout a large variety of flavor options, but check out these other perks:

  • No artificial ingredients – “natural flavors” are derived from the natural essence oils in the named fruits of each La Croix flavor
  • No sugar, no sweeteners, no sodium
  • Whole 30 approved
  • Made in the USA

Photo Cred: La Croix

If you come over to my house, you’re pretty much guaranteed a selection of flavors…I haven’t found one I don’t like (save for the plain sparkling water, which I still think is boring).

Enjoy La Croix!


One thought on “A Declaration of Love for La Croix Sparkling Water

  1. Bill Wright

    I, too, like La Croix. I suspect it is less intensely carbonated than its competitors, which seems to make it more palatable and more hydrating.


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