Friday Roundup | May 13, 2016

Salsa Festival loveAs an incredibly superstitious person, I refuse to utter today’s date out loud!  Who’s with me?

This week has come and gone, and I have an exciting weekend on the horizon.  First up is the Inland Empire Salsa Festival, which basically had me at hello.  A festival for salsa?  I can’t even explain my excitement.

Next, I’ve been hearing about the wonderful experiences of friends at a local Korean Day Spa and I determined that I need to check it out.  One small hesitation – you go completely nude!  I feel like I’m confident in my body, but that’s only because I’m not showboating it in front of a gaggle of other ladies.

I’ll keep you updated on the spa experience, and you can follow along on my weekend via Instagram!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite finds this week:

  1. Tasty posted this amazing recipe for Vampire Steak Tacos – garlic lovers rejoice
  2. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake duet on a cover of “True Colors”
  3. Also, in JT news “this will be the song” – Can’t Stop the Feeling, you can’t un-hear this!
  4. Clean eating, vegan, gluten free Baked Oatmeal and Milk breakfast cups
  5. Top 10 Rustic Wedding Invitations – be still my heart
  6. Living on $100/week, is it possible?  Career Contessa lays it out
  7. Recommended read:  When the Moon is Low by Nadia Hashimi
  8. Healthy mamas, this one’s for you – 5 Kitchen Essentials for Making Homemade Baby Food
  9. The best foods for clear, healthy skin!
  10. For those of us who feel the weight of the world at times – Feeling Shitty About Life? Here’s an Important Reminder

Have a great weekend!


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