Friday Roundup | May 27, 2016

Grilling for Memorial Day

I have a laundry list of things to do (included in the list: laundry), but I’m really feeling compelled to take advantage of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!  We had a rough week with our french bulldog….our little angel stinker dog snuck onto the dining room table while we were at work and ate an entire (mega) bag of peppered beef jerky…10 servings!

Worried about sodium toxicity, the vet advised us to bring him in for some blood work, but he was cleared and released later that afternoon.  We hoped he would be better by now (3 days later), but he’s still got an upset tummy and I’m researching home diet remedies to get him back on track as we speak.  Recommendations welcome!

So R & R is on deck for us, and we do have standing invites to a few BBQ’s which we’ll sure take advantage of if Luda’s health allows.

Some fun finds from around the interwebs follows:


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